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Breakfast With Hayden:  How to Use Weather Tools/Websites an informal discussion
Hayden Frank, NWS Forecast Office, Taunton, MA
Links: Hayden Frank - How to Use Weather Tools/Websites

Ice Storm 2008
Abstract: Joe DelliCarpini, NWS Forecast Office Taunton, MA
Bob Kearns, National Grid - Boston, MA
Jim Palmer, SKYWARN Coordinator- North Shore, MA
Christine Sullivan, United States Department of Agriculture, Region I - Boston, MA

Presentations: Bob Kearns - Ice Storm 2008.ppt
Christine Sullivan - Ice Storm 2008.ppt
Joe DelliCarpini - Ice Storm 2008.ppt

Causes and Effects of Global Warming
Dr. Kerry Emanuel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Presentation: Kerry Emanuel - Causes & Effects of Global Warming.ppt

GOES, Lows, and Jet Streams
Abstract: Jonathan Byrne, Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School - Marlboro, MA
: Jonathan Byrne - GOES Lows Jet Streams.ppt

Have We Entered a New Regime?
Abstract: Joseph D'Aleo, Icecap.us

Presentation: Joe D'Aleo - New Regime.ppt (File size: 30 MB)

Show Me the Weather! Experiments in the Classroom
Abstract: Joe Venuti, WCVB-TV Boston
: Not available at this time.

On-line Climate Information
Abstract: Dr. Matthew Barlow, University of Massachusetts - Lowell, MA

: Not available at this time.

Astronomy Show
Abstract: Kelly Beatty - Clay Center Observatory - Newton, MA
: Not available at this time.

The Buffalo Air Disaster and NWS-Buffalo's Support Role
Abstract: Judith Levan - National Weather Service - Buffalo, NY

Presentation: Not available at this time.

HS Education Preparations for Meteorology Career
Abstract: Drs. Bruce Berryman & Jason Shafer, Lyndon State College - Lyndonville, VT

Presentation: BerrymanShafer - Preparing for a Career.ppt

Trying to Minimize Weather Impacts at a Commercial Airline
Rick Curtis, Southwest Airlines - Dallas, TX
Presentation: Rick Curtis - Minimizing Weather Impacts.ppt

New Hampshire Tornado of July 24, 2008
John Cannon, National Weather Service -Gray, ME
Mish Michaels, WBZ-TV4 - Boston

Presentations: John Cannon - NH Tornado.ppt (File size: 76 MB)
Mish Michaels - NH Tornado.ppt

Bill Minsinger - New England Tornadoes.ppt

Dry Ice Comet & Other Experiments
Abstract: Kelly Beatty -Clay Center Observatory - Newton, MA

: Kelly Beatty - Meteors.ppt

Summer of the 'Spouts
Eleanor Vallier-Talbot, National Weather Service -Taunton, MA
Presentation: Eleanor Vallier-Talbot - Summer of the Spouts.ppt

Canadian Hurricane Centre Reflections: Two Decades of Lessons Learned
Abstract: Peter Bowyer, Canadian Hurricane Centre - Halifax, Nova Scotia
: Peter Bowyer - Canadian Hurricane Centre.ppt (File size: 50 MB)

Ham Radio and the National Hurricane Center
Julio Ripoll, WD4R, National Hurricane Center - Miami, FL
Presentation: Not available at this time.

Extreme Tornado Research and Photography...  The Real-Life Version of the Movie Twister!
Abstract: Reed Timmer,
The Discovery Channel

Presentation: Not available at this time.

Jesse Rudavsky's Lightning Photos
Presentation: Jesse Rudavsky - Lightning.ppt