Examining Major El Nino Events and Their Impacts on Precipitation
and Flood Potential in the Northeast United States
David Vallee
NOAA / NWS / NERFC - Taunton, MA
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XMACIS demonstration - examples of how to get climate statistics
Benjamin Sipprell
NOAA / NWS - Taunton, MA
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Climate Matters: Resources to Bridge Weather and Climate
Sean Sublette
Climate Central - Princeton, NJ
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Snow Squalls in New England with a Changing Climate
Dr. Frank Colby
University of Massachusetts - Lowell, MA
Weather and the Science of Measurement: From Autonomous
Underwater Vehicles to Self-Driving Cars to Deflategate
Dr. John Leonard
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA
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Blizzards, Hurricanes and Post-Tropical Storms: From Warnings 
to Response (A Look at Canada's System)
Bob Robichaud
Meteorological Service of Canada - Halifax, Nova Scotia
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StormReady Rhode Island Initiative
Peter Gaynor and Stephen Conard
Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency - Cranston, RI
Presentation:Gaynor-Conard - Storm Ready RI_29_Oct_2016_FINAL.pptx
Tornado Debris Signatures in the Northeast United States
Ryan Hanrahan
NBC Connecticut (WVIT-TV 30) - West Hartford, CT
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Our Visitor From the Bahamas 25 Years Ago:  Hurricane Bob
Robert Thompson
NOAA / NWS - Taunton, MA
Presentation:Thompson - Hurricane Bob.pptx
25th Anniversary of the Perfect Storm - Halloween, 1991
Walter Drag
NOAA / NWS - Mount Holly, NJ
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Surviving the Perfect Storm:  The Life and Death Decisions 
Which Made it Possible
John Spillane
Retired - New York City Fire Dept. / Perfect Storm Pararescueman
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