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Breakfast With Matt:  How to Use Weather Tools/Websites

Matt Doody (National Weather Service - Taunton, MA)

Presentation: Not available at this time.

Tropical Storm Irene's Hydrometeorological Impacts on Northeast U.S.
Abstract: David Vallee (National Weather Service - Northeast River Forecast Center - Taunton, MA)

Presentation: David Vallee - Tropical Storm Irene Hydromet Impacts.ppt (File size: 150 MB)

Irene: Data for Coastal/Riverine Areas of Southern New England
Abstract: Gardner Bent (United States Geological Survey - Northborough, MA)

Presentation: Gardner Bent - USGS Irene Impacts.ppt

Coastal Flooding from Irene: Perspective of First Responder
Abstract: Douglas Jackson (East Haven, CT Fire Chief)

Presentation: Douglas Jackson - Coastal Flooding_Irene.ppt (File size: 62 MB)

Planning and Response to Major Natural Disasters
Sylvia Dake (Connecticut Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection - Hartford, CT)

Presentation: Sylvia Dake & Douglas Glowacki - Planning and Response to Disasters.ppt

Vermont's Great Disasters: Tropical Storm Irene vs. Great Flood of 1927
Paul Sisson (National Weather Service - Burlington, VT)
Bill Minsinger (Blue Hill Observatory Science Center - Milton, MA)

Presentations: Paul Sisson - Vermont's Greatest Disasters.ppt (File size: 43 MB)
Bill Minsinger - Flooding in Vermont Hurricane Irene and 1927.ppt
(File size: 68 MB)

SkyWarn Recap Video of Irene, Snowtober, and the June 1 Tornado
Rob Macedo (ARES-SkyWarn)
Jim Palmer (SkyWarn)

: Not available at this time.

A Very Severe 2011; A Better Spring, 2012 
Dr. Greg Forbes (The Weather Channel - Atlanta, GA)
: Greg Forbes - 2011 Severe Wx.ppt

Wild Weather of 2011 and Its Impact on Electricity Delivery
Abstract: Mike McCallan (National Grid - Waltham, MA)

Mike McCallan - Wild Weather 2011.ppt

Snowtober Overview
Abstract: Joe Dellicarpini (National Weather Service - Taunton, MA)
Presentation: Joe Dellicarpini - Snowtober Overview.ppt

Air Quality Issues that Resulted from Snowtober & Irene
Anne McWilliams (Environmental Protection Agency - Boston, MA)
Presentation: Anne McWilliams - Air Quality Issues from Snowtober and Irene.ppt

Impacts of Snowtober: An Airline Operations Perspective
Abstract: Tom Lloyd (Jet Blue Airlines - Long Island City, NY)

Presentation: Tom Lloyd - Snowtober Impacts on JetBlue.ppt

Meteorological Overview of the June 1, 2011 Tornado
Abstract: Michael Ekster (National Weather Service - Gray, ME)

Presentation: Mike Ekster - June 1 Tornado.ppt (File size: 41 MB)

Challenges of Storm Surveying: The June 1, 2011 Tornado
Abstract: Alan Dunham (National Weather Service - Taunton, MA)

Presentation: Alan Dunham - Storm Survey of June 1 Tornado.ppt

My Experience in West Springfield on the Day of the Tornado
Abstract: Ahmed Ajil (Agawam, MA)

Presentation: Not available at this time.

Experiences in Monson with the June 1 Tornado
Abstract: Chris McCray (Lyndon State College - Lyndonville, VT)

Presentation: Chris McCray - Monson June 1 Tornado.ppt

Surviving the Storm: Readying a Home for Disaster
Danielle Koziol (Monson, MA)
Presentation: Danielle Koziol - Surviing the Storm.ppt

Surviving the Storm: Spiritual Healing
Abstract: Rev. Ian Lynch (First Congregational Church - Brimfield, MA)

Presentation: Not available at this time.

The Xenia, Ohio Tornado of April 3,1974
Abstract: Thomas Plant (Boston, MA)

Presentation: Thomas Plant - Xenia Tornado-April 3, 1974.ppt

Media Coverage of the June 1, 2011 Tornado
Abstracts: Matt Noyes (New England Cable News - Newton, MA)
Kevin Lemanowicz (WFXT Fox 25 - Dedham, MA)

Presentation: Not available at this time.

The Non-Winter of 2011-2012 / Winter Outlook for 2012-2013
Abstract: Joe D'Aleo (Weatherbell Analytics, New York, NY)

Presentation: Joe DAleo - 2012 Winter Outlook.ppt

Field Applications of the Enhanced Fujita Scale during Storm Survey of Long Track 
Tornado across Southwest and South Central Massachusetts in June 2011

Abstracts: Eleanor Vallier-Talbot (National Weather Service - Taunton, MA)
Joe Dellicarpini (National Weather Service - Taunton, MA)

Presentation: Not available at this time.